Adult Spine Deformity

October 21-22, 2022

Face to Face

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

October 21,2022

0845-0900            Opening

0900-0910           Definition and Pathophysiology of ASD, including etiology and epidemiology

                              [Dr. Moreen T. Velasco]

0910-0920           Describing ASD with sagittal imbalance: The impact of sagittal balance in ASD     

                              [Dr. Steve D. Glassman]

0920-0930           Classification systems for ASD [Dr. Angelo Phillip P. Ong]

0930-0945           Q&A


0945-1000           Case Discussion I: Severe Kyphosis in a Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis - Philippine

                              Orthopedic Center [Dr. Ryan Conrad A. Carnero]


1000-1015           Coffee break


1015-1020           Primary degenerative sagittal imbalance [Dr. Ferdinand R. Bernal]

1020-1040           Iatrogenic spinal deformity [Dr. Jose Martin S. Paiso]

1040-1050           Adult spinal scoliosis: prevalence, outcomes [Dr. Buenaventura Alfredo B. Canto IV]

1050-1100           Q&A


1100-1115           Case Discussion II: How to manage a case of Scoliosis in a patient diagnosed with                                            Fibrous Dysplasia - Philippine General Hospital [Dr. Bienvenido Leo Antonio M. Caro]

1115-1130           Radiological assessment of ASD: Regional, global, sagittal spinopelvic, and coronal                                          parameters with clinical examples [Dr. Chaisiri Chaichanku]

1130-1145           Biomechanical radiographical analysis to guide in treatment planning

                              [Dr. Hey Hwee Weng Dennis]

1145-1155           Decision-Making for Managing ASD [Dr Jonathan N. Sembrano]

1150-1200           Q&A


1200-1215           Case Discussion III: Mindanao [Dr. Ronald P. Tangente]


1215-1300           Lunch symposium


1300-1310           Treatment considerations in ASD [Dr. Larry V. Acuña]

1310-1320           Different surgical techniques in ASD [Dr. Neilson G. Palabrica]

1320-1330           Risk stratification in ASD [Dr. Geraldine Raphaela B. Jose]

1330-1345           Q&A


1345-1400           Case Discussion IV: Cebu [Jose Joefrey F. Arbatin, Jr.]

1400-1410           When can we do limited decompression alone? [Dr. Gian Karlo P. Dadufalza]

1410-1420           Indications for limited stabilization [Dr. Hey Hwee Weng Dennis]

1420-1430           Osteotomies in ASD [Dr. Dave Anthony G. Dizon]

1430-1445           Q&A


1445-1500           Case Discussion V [Dr. Chung Chek Wong]

1500-1510           Biologics in ASD surgery [Dr. Tunku Kamarul Zaman]

1510-1520           Treatment outcomes [Dr. Chung Chek Wong]

1520-1530           Complications in ASD surgery [Prof. Noriaki Kawakami]

1530-1545           Q&A


1545-1600           Case Discussion VI [Prof. Noriaki Kawakami]

1600                     Closing for Day 1


October 22, 2022

0800-1000           Welcome Remarks

                              Interesting Case presentation from Training Fellows

Revision of wrong level surgery in a chronic cervical bilateral facet dislocation

Dr. Orland Joshua M. Alimbuyuguen

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center


Cervical Myelopathy in Tourette’s syndrome

Dr. Paul Albert C. Manuel

Cardinal Santos Medical Center


Computer-assisted multi-rod construct for a thoracolumbosacral ependymoma

Daniel William Yu

Chong Hua Hospital-Cebu 

[View Abstract]


Case of Paraplegia LN T4 secondary to Spinal Cord Compression from Pott's Disease
(Part of an ongoing series for Pediatric Pott's Patients presenting in the Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine Segments) 

Dr. Bienvenido Leo Antonio M. Caro

UP-Philippine General Hospital


Traumatic Spondyloptosis of Axis (C 2 Hangman's Fracture) with Retrolistheis of C5-C6 (AO Type C): A Case Report in a 26-year-old female

Rommel Tan, MD. FPOA, FPSS, Zenith Wooden, MD, Ronald Tangente, MD, MBA, FPOA, FPSS Spine and Scoliosis Center, Davao Doctors Hospital, Davao City

1000-1015           Brunch Symposium

1015-11:15          Announcement of election results [COMELEC Chairman]

                              Valedictory Address [Dr. Francisco P. Altarejos]

                              Proclamation of New Officers [Secretary]

                              Presidential Turnover

                              Induction of New Officers (COMELEC Chairman)

                              Inaugural Speech (New PSS President)

                              Announcement of new members (New PSS Secretary)

                              Induction of new members (New PSS President)

1115-1145           Break

11:45-1400          PSS Business Meeting

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Prevention and Management of Complications in Spine Surgery


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