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15 November 2021 



Opening Ceremonies

0810                  Invocation: Dr AK Ganal- Antonio

                           National Anthem

                           Welcome Remarks: Dr. FP Altarejos


8:25                   Sponsors’ AVPs

Scoliosis (Watch)

Moderator: Dr. Paul Julius A. Medina

0900-0910        Back Deformity in the Pediatric Population: An Overview on the Different Types of Scoliosis

                           [Dr. Ryan Conrad A. Carnero]

0910-0915        Case Presentation [Dr. Frederick C. Aujero]

0915-0930        Q&A regarding the case

0930-0940       History Taking and Physical Examination on Pediatric Patients with Spinal Deformity [Dr. Charles Neil J. Tan]

0940-0950       A Framework on the Use of Different Radiographic Modalities for Pediatric Scoliosis Evaluation

                          [Dr. Melchor R. Basalo] 

0950-1000       The Present and Future Respiratory Consequences of Pediatric Scoliosis [Dr. Vicente Carlomagno D. Mendoza II]

1000-1010       The Evidence-Based Non-Surgical Approach in the Management of Pediatric Scoliosis [Dr. Josephine R. Bundoc]  

1010-1020       Surgical Intervention on Pediatric Scoliosis: When and How is it done. [Dr. Larry V. Acuña]

1020-1030       Anaesthetic Management, Advancements, and Implications During Scoliosis Correction Surgery in the Pediatric

                          Population [Dr. Carlo Angelo V. Manalang]

1030-1040       Recovery after Scoliosis Surgery: Improving Outcome with Postoperative Pain Management and Rehabilitation

                          [Dr. Ma. Regina Cunanan- Espinosa]

1040-1050       Open Forum 


1130-1200    Lunch Symposium I: Pacific Surgical/Nuvasive

                       Technology Improves Safety & Outcomes of Lumbar Degenerative Spine

                       [Tan Chor Ngee, Hospital Putrjaya, Malysia]

1200-1230    Lunch Symposium II: Novartis

                       Multidisciplinary Approach in the Management of Axial Spondyloarthritis in the University of Toronto, Canada 

                       [Prof. Nigil Haroon]

1230-1145    Lunch Symposium III: Taisho

1245-1300    Lunch Symposium IV: GE Healthcare

Cervical Spine Injury (Watch)

Moderators: Dr. Ronald Tangente/ Dr. Michael Louis A. Gimenez

1300-1310    Anatomy & Physiology of Cervical Spine [Dr. Yehlen Francis R. Saligumba]

1310-1320    Mechanisms/Classification of Cervical Spine Injury [Dr. Mary Ruth A. Padua]

1320-1330    Prehospital/Early Hospital Management [Dr. Ramona Reyes- Diyco]

1330-1345    Open Forum

1345-1355    Conservative and Surgical Management [Dr. Gilbert J. Ranoa]

1355-1410    Rehabilitation Program: A. Rehabilitation Emergencies B. Understanding Neurogenic Bladder

                       [Dr. Raul Michael J. Cembrano]

1410-1420    Epidural Stimulation [Dr. Nasir Majeed (Thailand)]

1420-1430    Psychological Counselling [Ms. Patricia Ann Medina]

1430-1500    Cervical Spine Trauma Case Presentation / Open Discussion

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