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16 November 2021 



Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (Watch)

Moderator: Dr. Richard V. Condor

0800-0810      Overview, Anatomy & Pathophysiology of HNP [Dr. Pierre M. Mella]

0810-0820      Case Presentation [Dr. Charles Neil J. Tan] 

0820–0830     Questions regarding the case [Dr. Richard V. Condor]

0830–0840     PE/ Classic signs & Symptoms of HNP [Dr. Noel J. Belonguel] 

0840–0850     Diagnostic/ Radiographs/CT scan/MRI [Dr. Lynette Rio Fernandez]

0850–0900     CPG’s/ Treatment Algorithm for HNP [Dr. Jeremy O. Flordelis]

0900–0910     Physiotherapy/Bracing/Core strengthening/Pilates [Dr. Mary Jeanne O. Flordelis]

0910–0920     Pain management/ Epidural Steroid Injections [Dr. Maria Rhodora L. Chan]

0920–0930     Open Discectomy/ Endoscopic Discectomy; Surgical management [Dr. Richard V. Condor]

0930–0940     To Fuse or not to fuse; Surgical management of HNP [Dr. Eric O. Belarmino] 

0940–0950     Post-op management and recurrence [Dr. Emmanuel F. Gines]

0950-1000     Question & Answer [Dr. Richard V. Condor] (Watch)


1000-1030     AM BREAK


Osteoporosis (Watch)

Moderator: Dr. Miles Francis T. Dela Rosa

1030-1038      Introduction to Burden of osteoporosis [Dr. Leilanie Mercado - Asis]

1038-1046      Bone modeling and remodeling [Dr. Mark Anthony S. Sandoval]

1046-1054       Determinants of Bone Health (focus on preventive aspects) [Dr. Alejandro V. Pineda, Jr.]

1054-1215       Case Presentation [Dr. Julie Li- Yu]

                          Moderator:  Dr. Miles dela Rosa

                                Case 1 (25 mins) – 3-4 mins/speaker

                                Case 2 (25 mins) – 3-4 mins/speaker

                                Case 3 (25 mins) – 3-4 mins/speaker

                          Fracture Risk Assessment [Dr. Monica Therese Cating- Cabral]

                          Secondary causes of bone loss [Dr. Ditas Christina Duque Decena]

                          Vertebral fracture assessment [Dr. Lyndon John Q. Llamado]

                          Functional assessment [Dr. Oliver Wendell J. Lozano]


                                 Medical [Dr. Theresa Marie Valdez-Faller]

                                 Surgical (indications for VKP) [Dr. Anne Kathleen Ganal-Antonio]

1215-1230       Q&A (Watch)



1230-1245       LUNCH SYMPOSIUM V: ASpine

1245-1250       LUNCH SYMPOSIUM VI: Medtronic

1250-1252       AVP: Mylan

1252-1254       AVP: Brainlab

1300                 CLOSING CEREMONIES

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